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ISN Frontiers Gothenburg 2019 is a cross-disciplinary meeting bringing together clinicians, scientists and epidemiologists working in nephrology, cardiovascular and respiratory medicine.

Cardio-renal syndrome describes and classifies the various interrelationships between the heart and the kidneys. However, the link between diseases involving the heart, the lungs, and the kidneys requires investigation to unravel potentially novel and common pathophysiological mechanisms.


PROVISIONAL PROGRAM  (including confirmed speakers)

Thursday October 3, 2019

Registration (as from 15:00)

Opening Session

  • Welcome by ISN President - Vivekanand Jha, (India)
  • Welcome address - Jenny Nystrom (Sweden), Boye L. Jensen (Denmark) Angela Wang (Hong Kong)
  • Keynote lecture: Global kidney health-comorbidities - Vivekanand Jha, (India)
  • Plenary lecture 1: Overall view of the field and where we are going-broad overview of the field (s) - Callum Macrae (USA) 

Welcome & Networking Reception


Friday October 4, 2019

Session 1: Inflammation

  • COPD and comorbidities - Gary Anderson (Australia)
  • Biomarkers in disease - Chirag Parikh (USA) 
  • Renin and complement, inflammatory kidney disease - Diana  Karpman (Sweden)

Session 2: Microcirculation /vascular function

  • Plenary lecture 2: Renal microcirculation - Susan Quaggin (USA)
  • Angiogenesis in a cardiovasculature and kidney - Christer Betsholz (Sweden)

Session 3: Fibrosis

  • Basement membrane biology in renal disease - Rachel Lennon (United Kingdom)

Session 4: Enviroment and pollution hazards

  • Environmental pollution and kidney disease - Fan Fan Hou (China)


Saturday October 5, 2019

Session 5: Imaging

  • Renal imaging - Paul  Hockings (Sweden) 
  • MRI fundamentals and structural imaging - Susan Francis (United Kingdom)
  • Cardiac MRI advances - Dudley Pennell (United Kingdom)

Session 6: Mitochondria

  • HIF/oxygen sensing - Kai-Uwe Eckardt (Germany)
  • Mitochondrial biology - Michael Murphy (United Kingdom)
  • Mitochondrial bioenergetics and therapeutics - Hazel Szeto (USA)

Session 7: Microbiome-metabolism

  • Plenary lecture 3: gastrorenal communication - Jennifer Pluznik (USA)
  • Uremic toxins and gut microbiota  - Griet Glorieux (Belgium) 

Session 8: Microsystem -change to cellular cross-talk and regeneration

  • Organoids as model systems of disease - Jamie Davies (United Kingdom)
  • Lung regeneration - Sam Janes (United Kingdom)
  • Renal cross talk and regenerative capacity - Paola Romagnani (Italy)


Sunday October 6, 2019

Session 9: Genetics

  • Chronic kidney disease and genetics - Ali Gharavi (USA)

Session 10: Hypertension, physiology and pathopysiology

  • Diabetic nephropathy and hypertension - Peter Rossing (Denmark)
  • Renal and cardiovascular function in hibernation - Peter Stenvinkel (Sweden) 

Closing Remarks 

  • Jenny Nystrom, ( Sweden), Boye L. Jensen,  (Denmark ) Angela Wang, (Hong Kong)