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The online abstracts submission is now closed. Abstract results will be notified by June 18, 2019.
Abstracts received after the deadline will not be accepted.

REGISTRATION BY JULY 12, 2019 IS MANDATORY in order to be published as described below and for the poster/oral presentation. For registration rates and discounts click HERE


  • Submit your abstract online. You will receive confirmation of the abstract submission within two business days. If you submit your abstract on the deadline day and do not receive confirmation within 48 hours, please contact
  • Abstracts should concern following topics and categories: 
    Inflammation, Microcirculation /vascular function, 


    Enviroment and pollution hazards, 




    Microsystem -change to cellular cross-talk and  regeneration, 


    Hypertension, physiology and pathopysiology
  • Submitted abstracts MUST describe unpublished work, which is not already in press and which is not awaiting possible acceptance by any other society/event that publishes its proceedings.



Please check your abstract carefully for typographical errors, misspellings, poor hyphenation, etc. They will be glaringly apparent in the published abstract. Please check that your abstract title is correct. You are allowed to use 3,400 characters. Spaces are included in the character count. Abstracts are structured (Introduction, Methods, Results, Conclusion). Tables, graphs and pictures may be included (tables and graphs do not contribute to the character count if inserted as image). Pictures and images must be in JPEG and/or PNG format (Uploaded image cannot exceed the dimensions of 640w x 480h in pixels and 1,5 Megabytes).

Case reports that present novel hypotheses, pathologies, treatments or ethical issues are welcome. However, they are likely to be selected only if such novelty can be highlighted.

Maximum number of abstract co-authors possible to list in your abstract is 15.

Submission process structure:

1. Contact person information
2. Abstract keywords
3. Authors and institutions
4. Abstract topic + questionnaire
5. Transparency declaration ethics statement
6. Abstract title
7. Abstract text
8. Declaration of funding and interests
9. Review and Submit abstract


  • Registration by July 12, 2019 is mandatory in order to be published  (please see info below) and for the poster/oral presentation. Please note that selected abstract presenters who fail to register by July 12, 2019 will have no have poster presented at the ISN Frontiers Meeting or published.
    If you have submitted and abstract for the meeting, it is mandatory to use the same meeting profile (login identity) for your registration.

  • Accepted abstracts will be published electronically on the Frontiers 2019 website and Kidney International Reports (an official journal of the International Society of Nephrology). A selection of approx. Up to 10 abstracts will also be published (electronically) at the ISN Academy. No printed abstract book will be produced.
  • The presenting author of the abstract accepted will be notified by June 18, 2019 as well as the type of presentation and will be required to register to the ISN Frontiers Meeting. The abstract submitters of accepted abstracts are entitled to register at the discounted registration fees provided they register by the early bird deadline which is June 30, 2019. If he/she is unable to register by that date, he/she will be able to register at the regular rate.

  • If the presenting author is unable to present the abstract, another co-author can take his/her place as long as he/she is duly registered to the meeting. A letter from the presenting author informing about the change is requested and must be sent to the meeting secretariat no later than June 30, 2019.

  • Once you have submitted your abstract, you cannot withdraw or change your abstract.
  • All copyrights are assigned to ISN.

  • Each abstract will be considered for a poster or oral presentation session. However, only limited slots are available for oral presentations during the Frontiers Meeting.


Invited speakers will be contacted separately regarding the submission of their abstracts and are requested to refrain from using the regular abstract submission form on the website.


ISN supports the need to stop practices and policies of organ trafficking and tourism. Scientific studies and clinical activities should be performed in keeping with the ethical principles delineated in the below policy documents. To be eligible to submit an abstract for the ISN Frontiers meeting, applicants must disclose that the author(s)/ scientist(s) have not violated any aspect of the Declaration of Istanbul (DOI) on Organ Trafficking and Transplant Tourism ethics' statement and that this research conforms with the ethical statement on human research subject, Helsinki Declaration, the ethical statements of the Transplantation Society, TTS Ethics Policy and the TTS Ethics China as well as the ethical statements of the International Xenotransplantation Association.



For any further information please contact the ISN Frontiers Meeting staff:

The International Society of Nephrology
ISN Frontiers Meeting Gothenburg Secretariat

Tel: +32 2 808 71 81